From a couple cents to $4000

Anticipating the split of August 1st, the price of Bitcoin went down to $1850 on July 16, 2017. Influencers were already saying “the cryptocurrency bubble is about to explode” or “making a lot of money easily and fast is impossible”.

Persuasive bla-bla-bla as usual. In fact, less than 2 weeks after “the split”, Bitcoin broke the $4000 wall. Meaning that even if you have bought 1 BTC for $2000 fifteen days ago, you would have made a 100% profit today.


Bitcoin to the moon

Bitcoin to the moon

Back in July 2010, the original price of 1 BTC was $0.008 then it went up to $0.08 in only five days. Seven years later the cryptocurrency is up by 50 Million percent!

We’ve heard a lot of  “whatever-coin to the moon” but in our reality, only Bitcoin is going to the Moon so far and maybe to Mars and even Jupiter.


Now what

First, “correction” will happen and may or may not be invisible. After that BTC will go after the $5000 wall and the story will repeat but this is not what we are focusing on right now.

Think about this. Bitcoin is becoming more and more valuable so it will need a sidekick… You know, like Batman and Robin, or Gold and Silver. To sum up, something cheaper that can do almost the same things.

A cheaper BTC, for smaller transactions

Let’s say you want to buy a $1 item. It’s equal to 0.00025 BTC but it’s also 0.02 LTC or 2 cents of LTC which is more convenient to process.

Litecoin is a really good candidate. In fact, if you compare the specs of the two coins, Litecoin is just a cheap Bitcoin. The only difference is LTC hasn’t been associated with illegal transactions on the dark net (yet), which is a good thing. It could be Bitcoin Cash too or anything else, whichever it will be, it will be appreciated.


Congratulation to Bitcoin, and shame on the heaters. Watch, it’s just the beginning.