Inside a Chine mining farm.

There is two ways to be part of the cryptocurrencies club. The first and easiest way is to buy some. The second (hard) way is mining and getting rewarded for it.

If you still don’t what mining is….

It’s the process by which the transaction information distributed within the cryptocurrency network is validated and stored on the blockchain.

Miners make “money”  with the fees attached to all of the transactions that they successfully validate and include in a block.

We’ll talk about the other things involved in the process in a different article so we go straight to the subject.

A building full of machines

In 2016, Chinese photographer Liu Xingzhe visited a mining warehouse located in the mountains of the region of China’s Sichuan province.

The warehouse, packed with AntMiner S9 machines, is taking avantage of an Hydro-electric plant located nearby. Most of time this power plants produce more electricity than they can sell. Thus selling/buying the surplus is a win-win situation. Note that electricity represents more than 60% of mine expenses.

The mine (with the blue roof) next to the hydroelectric power plant. Photo by Liu Xingzhe

Mining machine maintenance. Photo by Liu Xingzhe

Behind the scene. Photo by Liu Xingzhe

Employees on their phones. Photo by Liu Xingzhe

Goats outside by the cooling fans. Photo by Liu Xingzhe

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