The Bitcoin storm is not over, it just started!


It’s already August 2nd almost everywhere in the world and a lot of people have been saying:

“Nothing happened with Bitcoin and/or Bitcoin Cash”.

However, if you look at this screenshot from Coinmarketcap you can see something different.

BCH number 3

BCH is number 3!

First of all, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) passed Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC) which makes it #3 on the podium. Secondly, BTC is slightly dropping, not enough to create a panic but that might be a sign of a (near future) crash.

Then, Litecoin that was supposed to make a move today, obviously hasn’t really done anything yet, but that might change.

Finally, Ethereum followed the global trend of going up a little today.

BCH is official

BCH (or BCC) is officially here! In fact, it nearly doubled in value after the first blocks got mined a couple of hours ago. The market quickly adopted the new cryptocurrency and that’s why it’s already number 3.


My friends, this is just the beginning. The split happened but the consequences are just starting. We all how volatile the market is. In fact, BCH going up like this could also be caused by a pump.