Neo is the chosen one

The world of cryptocurrency is welcoming a new comer to the top 10. In fact, available for a couple of cents 3 months ago, NEO, the “new Ethereum” passed $30 and is extremely bullish.

antshares screen shot

What is it?

NEO is a platform for Smart Economy. According to Han Feng, Smart Economy can be explained this way:

Traditional transactions are initiated by people, but when transactions can be programmed in the future, human interaction will no longer be required. So, when computation enters the contract stage of the market, the concept of Smart Economy is born.

What are the features?

It combines digital assets and digital identities with smart contracts. It allows corporations and developers to develop and extend all sorts of applications based on NEO.

NEO is a pioneer in Blockchain technology. Compared to Ethereum, it has higher certainty, scalability and compatibility.

Developers can program smart contracts with languages they are familiar with, such as C#, C, Java and Go. This allows the millions of developers around the world to join the NEO community a lot faster.

Why is it going up?

At this time, it gained about 230% in a span of 7 days. The surge is mostly due to pre-conference excitement and post-conference consequences.

Before, it was called Antshares.

Antshares was the first open-source blockchain platform developed in China. The new rebranded coin has additional features such as the support of decentralized commerce and a new name. We can say the new marks name marks a change of direction and strategy.

Why is call the Ethereum of China?

First of all, NEO is Chinese born. Then if you know ETH, you can tell these two are very similar. The fact their values surged in a short period of time make them almost brothers.


Ants can carry 5000 times their body weight and that’s what’s happening to Antshares, or like we should call it, NEO. The coin has an interesting technology, company supports is and traction. Now ranked #7, it can easily make it to the top 3 if it follows this trend.